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Emulate, wise the new extension, the Chinese leader who photonics companies

- 1978 Alumni Zhang Jiarong access in mind

Zhang Jiarong, male, in 1978 admitted to the former Wuhan Radio Technical School (now Wuhan Institute of Technology) in mechanical manufacturing 78110 class, graduating in 1981 assigned to the Hubei radio factory work. 1986 Laser Equipment Factory was founded in Wuchang any director, later renamed the Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., Wuhan SGS. SGS was established in 2004 in Wuhan Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., as chairman, engineer.

Zhang Jiarong alumni interview in a summer's morning was a sunny day, when we drove SGS Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan door when the time arrives before the book, he has early step in our company on the first floor foyer waiting for us. Zhang smile summer sun on the same time, warm and bright, so that we are no longer so tight and binding. SGS company in the spacious parlor room, Zhang accepted our interview. Beginning of the interview, Mr. Zhang took us back 35 years ago when he first came to weapons grade school life scenarios.

By those who have the courage dream

Zhang Jiarong born in the 1950s, the house has six siblings, although he was the youngest, but they say things have become quite mature and independent. After graduating from high school he served in the rural farming production team of correspondents, but also honor to join the Communist Party of China. After the radio industry in 1978, admitted to the school in Wuhan, because it is the party, or the squad leader, 张家荣 study and work in the class have been very active. In 1981, he declined the opportunity to work at the school after graduation, and was assigned to work in Hubei radio factory in the quality of technical subjects as a draftsman. Since 1983, he used the time to rest, Huazhong University of Reading "night school." During that time, he was studying while working, although I am truly hard but he was full, full of desire to acquire knowledge and excitement.

School, and that he often teachers do together laborers topics, do the project. During this period, he met a very good mentor, called Xiaoyi Min. Shaw students who come back from the United States after the teacher taught at the Central University of Technology. Research often do the two of them together laser skin, 张家荣 ink on the back of foreign instructors to drink very admirable, but he is also a mentor for the very trust and attention. Xiao Zhang Jiarong teacher introduced to the American medical cosmetic market, which makes Zhang Jiarong glance the opportunities identified in this industry in the future China will definitely promising.

"Bold Venture, the opportunity to seize the Chinese medical laser" Just like a dream flame, lit up 张家荣 heart, encouraged the Brave in 1986 decided to shatter his own iron rice bowl - resigned from Hubei Radio Factory, and several venture partners rented houses, founded Wuchang laser factory, own any director, began his entrepreneurial path.

A medical laser equipment, at the time can be described as a national initiative. In those days, medical and cosmetic laser is a nascent industry, laser beauty equipment and more from Europe. Smart, studious Zhang Jiarong, through painstaking research, as long as you give him a complete laser equipment drawings, he could make out the entire assembly in accordance with the drawings of laser equipment, then place the device on a trial try to sell the hospital. Just started a year to sell three machines, one machine can earn 5,6 thousand dollars, and thus gained entrepreneurial pot of gold.

In 1988, Zhang Jiarong merged with a company to expand production plant. In product marketing , he taught a class in the country with lectures, participate in the exhibition in the form of promotional products , laser medical products to enhance user awareness and trust. Most of the time , he was in the country to do six or ten classes, he hired a specialist to go to different places every day doctors and customers to do presentations and demonstrations. He said to us , for example because the metal content in drinking water in some places in Henan exceeded, a lot of people suffering from esophageal cancer. He has worked in Henan to do with their own fiber-optic local demonstration of a case of esophageal cancer surgery patients , patients with a laser to get through the esophagus . Without surgery , without bloodshed easily solve the pain , the patient can immediately normal water in the surgical field , eating . At the time, surgery can be an example of doing so net earned $ 500. Optical fiber machine quickly open the market in Henan , has been a great praise. Gradually, Zhang Jiarong Wuchang laser plant not only in domestic supply and booming , but also in Southeast Asia began to march . In 1991, Wuhan Science and Technology Commission of Science and Technology in Wuhan, a number of enterprises to Indonesia exhibitors. East Lake was developed as a high-tech enterprise , Zhang Jiarong used a lockbox installed three carbon dioxide laser equipment with the team participating. To Indonesia later, Zhang Jiarong find local climatic conditions are very poor , many local people face acne , wart ,张家荣at the show invited some locals free trial of his equipment. His laser pointer in the affected area that the symptoms disappear. 3 units of carbon dioxide laser machines , each costs only 2,000 yuan , Zhang Jiarong successfully to $ 2,000 a price to sell the Indonesians . This is Zhang Jiarong and his laser equipment to the international market , export prologue.

Yields were wise

28 -year-old Zhang Jiarong Wuchang laser on when the plant manager . Start at the beginning , because the little-known laser medical beauty equipment , only through training courses, participate in various trade fairs and professional colloquium , again and again at the meeting to promote and introduce their products . Leaflets, passers introduced to promote the sale of the hospital experts , these early hardships that only he and the staff know best . No boss shelf, Zhang Jiarong more together through thick and thin and employees are jointly working hard . Zhang said his company has six shareholders and 27 years who are still very rare in the business world . Many people say he has a team thought he was the team's understanding of " group" is a word "mouth" to add a word "only " word , that is, when the head must be eloquent ; a " group" word plus a professional "E" word is a fan wrote, " group ", which means that one must understand the head of a professional ; " team" word is a plus ear next to a "person ", which means people with ears listen . So a good team to have an articulate , well versed professional leaders, led a group of people who will listen to their careers together . Zhang on the "team" word humorous interpretation , let us experience from the other side of the wise humor.

Zhang said his company has a dedicated research and development center , all equipment is self-developed . The company has 21 patents and has 10 series of more than 50 products , there are a lot of products from abroad, but after the second of their company's research and development , product design improvements over the level of foreign and fully own property . He said there was once a friend of mine came back from the United States to buy a value of more than 200 million laser machine , and asked if he could achieve domestically . He opened the machine lid , which means that orders can take over . When the machine can be assembled encountered difficulties, there is a problem with a circuit that leads to the main parts are burned, one night burned eight spare parts . These parts are sourced from Japan, a value of 3500 yuan . Then everyone will not dare continue to try , because the loss is too distressed . Later , he was a professor of Chinese laborers to ask , professors decades notebook out, and finally found a solution to this circuit problem. Find a solution , he developed this product smoothly . Zhang said that many of the company's products are designed to mimic the creation of the first in-depth study designed to learn to imitate , optimization and upgrading , so as to make the product more popular and create more efficiency.

He and his team said in so many years of laser equipment R & D and business operations, summed up the " six one thousand , six Wan " that is traveled thousands of miles , way to make a thousand words , going through a thousand Sim Wan bitter, knot a thousand friends Wanyou , service the household, finally pursue millions of wealth . From 1986 to 2013 , from the factory to Wuhan Wuchang SGS Laser Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. , to SGS Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. , Wuhan ,张家荣and his business in 27 years traveled to every part of China , the company has formed YAG laser with independent intellectual property , carbon dioxide lasers, helium-neon laser , IPL IPL , LED light power , the body recovered from the cervical and lumbar gravity pressure washing and other blackhead treatment instrument varieties , widely used in hospital medicine, surgery , ENT , dentistry, plastic surgery , dermatology , neurology , ophthalmology, urology, sexually transmitted diseases , rehabilitation dozen departments disorder treatment , the product of the domestic market share of 80 %. Products sold on five continents , including exports to Europe, America , Japan, Korea and other developed countries more than 60 countries and regions, countries and grow into high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province , Hubei Province Development and Reform Commission focused on cultivating listed reserve enterprises to become China optoelectronics business vanguard , world production of optoelectronic medical products industry influential well-known enterprises .

Concept at the present moment to send earnest

Fleeting, had graduated 35 years 张家荣 jumped billionaire corporate CEOs photoelectrons from an ordinary draftsman, he put a small factory into a little-known Chinese photonics companies in recent years. In the interview, Mr. Zhang emotionally told us that they are this generation's life in the Dream, dream, and dreams. He and his classmates were the best time of his life and the revival of the motherland are closely linked, they are China's reform and opening experience, participant, practitioners, regardless of the suffering and joy, both successes and failures, they all adhere to society, career, commitment to family and play.

Fangcaoqiqi campus, affable teacher, kind of beautiful students, although the post in the military school for only three years, these moments are indelible memories buried in Zhang Jiarong, lingering. Now, looking at these weapons grade students in their prime, he said, is to learn the knowledge of a person out of itself is out of practice, the truth is out enlightenment. He is willing to use his experience in life, philosophy of life, a man's thoughts to share with us. Below these lines, we are excerpts from the conversation Zhang content.

Man has "ten beauty": beauty couple of that love, beauty love of that capacity, the United States learning that Gordon, the beauty of life lies in goods, the United States and work in that music, American people of that house, a friend of the United States lies in honesty, humanity's beauty is goodness and beauty accomplishment of that empty, and that the U.S. families.

Success requires a person "Gang of Four": expert advice, elegant aid, encourage friends, villain supervision.

Life has "staging": men fear into the wrong profession, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, 28-year-old to 35-year-old called the liability period, which means a lot of responsibility to bear, old small this time, want to be good for the elderly and children child's parents. 35-year-old to 42 years old must have a sense of mission, aged 35 to 42 years old you can not stand up and make a successful career, you're done. 50 to 42 years to produce a belief, faith, made a firm undertaking that kind of faith. Over 50 years old to 60 years old, retired, "human" character plus wood "wood" word, that is the so-called retirement, post-retirement do not control these do not control it, do not find fault.

Institute of eloquence, knowledge and use it only: virtuous man, this is the most basic things. Germany is more than just a gentleman, was greater than Germany for the villain, virtuous and talented as sage. You reuse the virtuous and talented, no virtue without it you abandoned, the virtuous without it we should make good use of, the talent without virtue should be used with caution. Personnel director, are all available in the world, employing short, the world is no available person.

Zhang told us, "height determines the speed, the direction of the length of our decision, as long as the direction of the election right, we can go further for longer. This is an era of rapid development, as long as the students work hard to learn, their future will be . would be bright learned 'stick' is that you should become a fundamental element of a successful person; better than riches, so learn to 'meet' is becoming a prerequisite for happiness in human life on the road, when you have 'stick. 'and' meet 'time, that bless you, and you will be the world's most successful people. "